The Founder

Shahrina Ankhi-Krol is the founder and owner of MeetPreneur. She is an avid entrepreneur who has dedicated her professional life to assisting and furthering the goals of other entrepreneurs.


Shahrina is the owner of a successful law firm in New York City and she works exclusively with small business owners. Throughout her entrepreneurial career, she has attended thousands of networking meetings, events, conferences, and expos.


She developed MeetPreneur to make business networking more welcoming, accessible, and efficient for everyone.


The Story behind MeetPreneur

As a busy professional and the mom of a (then) one and a two year old, Shahrina's time was very limited due to her fully booked schedule. On one such day, between client meetings and a court appearance, she accepted a lunch invitation from an old business contact. The goal was to discuss potential collaboration for business leads.

While waiting for the individual at the designated restaurant, Shahrina received an e-mail which read simply, “Sorry, I decided to have lunch with my husband instead. See you soon.” This did not resonate well with Shahrina as she could have used that time productively elsewhere.

She ate her lunch alone that day and wondered if there were nearby entrepreneurs who also have “gaps” in their busy schedules that they would rather fill by meeting with others who are similarly situated.

…and, so, MeetPreneur was born.



Features and Snippets

A special thank you to our friends who appeared in the video!


Location-Based Networking

Your next big business connection could be right around the corner. MeetPreneur enables you to view nearby entrepreneurs on a map and list so you can determine if you want to network.


Communicate with Entrepreneurs

MeetPreneur allows you to initiate communication with other members by offering a Handshake. If the other member accepts your Handshake, you may exchange direct messages and determine whether you'd like to network.

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In-Person Meetings

No more wasting time meeting random people who have nothing to offer to your business goals. With MeetPreneur, you're in charge. You can check out other members' profiles and decide if he or she would be a beneficial connection - before committing to in-person meetings.

Transform Your Down-Time 

MeetPreneur allows you to turn a sudden cancellation or gap in your schedule into a productive business opportunity. MeetPreneur allows you to find nearby entrepreneurs who are just as eager to talk business over lunch or coffee.

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Real-Time Business Leads Right to Your Phone!

Here's something we ALL want - to never miss a business opportunity! MeetPreneur alerts Premium members of potential business whenever other members search their industry to hire a professional. Neat, right?

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Take the Worry Out of Business Conferences

You no longer have to be afraid of getting "lost in the crowd" in business conferences. MeetPreneur enables you to locate and connect with other entrepreneurs who are also eager to network. 

If you're a vendor showcasing your products or services at a conference, MeetPreneur will allow you to attract consumers directly to your booth though the "Special Offers" feature.

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Attract New Customers

Plus and Premium members are able to create Special Offers to attract new clients!

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Book and Get Booked

Premium members can indicate their availability on the Schedule of Availability and all members can book Premium members directly through MeetPreneur's Calendar of Availability, whether it's a last-minute opening or a planned one.


Networking Meetings On-the-Go

MeetPreneur allows you to create impromptu business meetings with entrepreneurs you may have never met. MeetPreneur takes away the need to wait for others to organize business events. Instead, MeetPreneur empowers you to network on your time, at any location, and with individuals who are also interested in creating meaningful business connections.