How does it work?

Image by Evan Dennis

MeetPreneur is a location-based app that enables you to network anywhere, anytime. You no longer have to wait for organized networking events to meet other entrepreneurs. Network your way and never miss an opportunity for potential business.

How does MeetPreneur work?

1. Sign in and enable Location Services on your phone.

2. Complete your profile.

3. Enable your availability and receipt of notifications in your profile screen.

4. See available nearby entrepreneurs on map and/or list view.

5. Offer/accept Handshakes.

6. Message other entrepreneurs; check out special offers; directly book; network.

7. Explore and let MeetPreneur take your business to the next level.

Premium members have a STAR icon next to their photos.

Handshake - Offer a Handshake to and entrepreneur you’re interested in connecting. Once your Handshake is accepted, you may start exchanging messages. Remember, the number of monthly Handshakes varies based on your membership level. You’re able to purchase a la carte Handshakes without a membership upgrade. Make sure to often check and accept Handshakes from those who interest you...that's how you make a connection! 

Message – Members can message each other after a Handshake has been offered and accepted between them. This helps to prevent unwanted connections.

Watchlist – If you’re interested in a member who is not available right now, you are able to put him/her on your Watchlist to receive notification when he/she becomes available.

"Looking For" (the Binocular icon) – If you’re in search of members in a specific profession, scroll through and select that profession. Premium members will automatically receive notification of your search and may contact you. You can change this field, as needed.

Special Offers – Plus and Premium members can offer special offers, such as discounts, free services or goods to all members.

Schedule of Availability – Premium members can show their availability to be booked. This can be for lastminute openings or planned open slots for other members. Other members can view and book the Premium members by clicking on a date and time. Booking must be confirmed by the Premium member.

Direct Booking – All members can directly book Premium members based on their availability, without the need to offer or accept Handshakes. 

Availability - You can choose whether you want other members to see you, or if you want to "ghost" by controlling the Availability toggle. 

Block - You can easily block particular users from contacting or seeing you on the app by turning on the block symbol (circle with a line going through) next to that person.